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HKS Motorsports History

Conceived from speed and execution, HKS is constantly dynamic in motorsports and rivalry hustling, including different expert racing arrangement, JTCC, JGTC, Equation 3, D1 Thousand Prix, Superbikes, and numerous others. No other reseller’s exchange organization approaches what HKS has accomplished. In 1974, HKS discloses the business’ first reseller’s exchange turbo pack. 1983, HKS M300 Celica is the principal Japanese Vehicle to break the 300km/h record. In 1986, HKS enters the exceptionally serious Fuji Stupendous Title and completed in ninth spot. In 1988, HKS RX-7 Turbo II accomplishes 307.56km/h in the C/M class at the Bonneville Speed Preliminaries. In 1990, HKS Graduate 70 SUPRA wins RRC Racing Title for 2 continuous years. In 1992, HKS discloses the 300E V12 F1 spec hustling motor.

In 1993, HKS R32 GT-R enters the JTC Gathering An arrangement and accomplishes its first triumph just two years after the fact. In 1994, HKS Drag R32 GT-R wins the RRC Hustling Title for 2 continuous years, and that year HKS likewise uncovers the 310E motor and enters the Japan Equation 3 Arrangement; HKS Opel additionally enters JTCC Arrangement and completed first in Cycle 1 and fourth Generally. In 1995, HKS T-002 (R33) accomplishes the quickest lap of 58.716″ at Tsukuba Super Lap and once more, that year HKS Super Bicycle YZF enters the Suzuka 8 Hour Perseverance Street Race. In 1996, HKS Drag 180SX successes the BE Drag Arrangement for 2 continuous years. In 1997, HKS T-002 (R33) accomplishes the quickest time of 17.64″ at the Yatabe 0-300km’h Test Course. In 1998, HKS Drag Celica accomplishes quickest FF class time of 9.727″ at Sendai Good country Raceway.

In 2000, HKS Dashing Altezza, or the “Fantasy Beast Machine”, accomplishes the quickest time of 55.853″ at Tsukuba Circuit. In 2001, HKS dispatches the Drag Supra dependent on the 3UZ motor yielding 1400ps. In 2002, HKS CLK enters the JGTC GT500 arrangement. In 2003, HKS Genki Hiper Silvia S15 enters the D1 Thousand Prix. In 2004, HKS TRB-02 accomplishes the quickest lap time of 54.739″ at Tsukuba Super Lap. Around the same time, HKS Hustling Execution IS220R enters the D1 Thousand Prix. In 2006, HKS Dashing Entertainer CT230R broke the quickest records at a few circuits in Japan. In 2007, the equivalent HKS Dashing Entertainer CT230R broke the quickest records at the Japanese circuits, yet USA’s too. In 2008, HKS praises their 35th commemoration, their innovation and energy keeps on living on.


All HKS exhaustsystems are structured in view of execution as a need. Every application is dyno verified to amplify exhaust stream, limit back weight, in this way increment drive, while simultaneously increment strength over OEM exhaust. HKS offers wide assortment of fumes framework, every ha its own unmistakable attributes and you can make certain to discover something that will suite your own need and taste.

Hello there Force Fumes – As name infers, HKS Howdy Force Fumes is structured in view of expanding strength, utilizing advances and experience assembled in Japanese continuance and GT hustling. Significant highlights incorporate race motivated counterbalance suppressor and channeling structure, application enhanced funneling size, and limited twists for ideal fumes way. Turbocharged vehicles will profit by the expanded stream and diminished backpressure, which brings about quicker turbo spool and higher force and torque yield. Normally suctioned vehicles will likewise profit by high rpm yield which Greetings Force Fumes gives, as the degree of tuning is expanded. All HKS Hello there Force Fumes are produced using SUS304 hardened steel, suppressor and tip congregations. Certain applications accompany internal silencer for diminished clamor.

Carbon-Ti Fumes – HKS Carbon-Ti Fumes is an exceptional rendition of the Hello there Force Fumes. Like Howdy Force Fumes, Extraordinary Release HKS Carbon Titanium variants are additionally accessible for well known applications, which include carbon fiber suppressor shell, titanium tip, and cleaned SUS304 treated steel channeling.

Titanium Hustling Suppressor Fumes – HKS built up this fumes explicitly for their dashing Toyota Supra. Advanced for 800 to 1000 strength yield, this fumes highlights 102mm tempered steel channeling and 170mm Titanium suppressor get together. The Titanium Hustling Suppressor is additionally 40% lighter than the customary Hello Force Suppressor. This is HKS’ most noteworthy streaming fumes and is structured and proposed for dashing reason; it accompanies removable silencer when clamor limitation is required.

Dragger Fumes – HKS Dragger Fumes is the principal framework that fuses a consistent suppressor shell, bringing about a uniform pressure circulation, and smoother development. Every framework is built from treated steel funneling for consumption security, and straight-through hardened steel suppressor gathering with engraved logo and edge cut tip. HKS Dragger Fumes has streamlined channeling size for every application so both force and torque can be upgraded for turbocharged and normally suctioned autos.

Dragger II Fumes – HKS Dragger II Fumes is the development of the first HKS Super Dragger Fumes. The new HKS Dragger II Fumes has a thin line suppressor for included ground freedom and discretionary silencer for clamor concealment. Much the same as the Dragger Fumes, every application has upgraded funneling size so both force and torque can be enhanced for turbocharged and normally suctioned autos.

Turbo Fumes – HKS Turbo Fumes is intended for vehicles that are turbocharged from the plant and as of now highlight high force yield. These high force turbocharged vehicles required a greater fumes funneling and lower back weight, so HKS utilizes straight through suppressor, and improved fumes way for these applications. Advantages incorporate lift pressure increase, quicker lift reaction, quicker turbo spool, diminished turbo slack, and higher force and torque yield. Expect a normal increases of 10-25 pull on a stock motor, and a lot higher on a changed motor.

Legamax Fumes – Legamax Fumes was intended for both torque and pull advancement, making a more extensive force band and higher pinnacle yields. To do as such, every application is structured with various fumes funneling size, distinctive suppressor plan, and diverse fumes way. Doing so permits the fumes gas to keep up the speed while increment the volume stream rate. All Legamax Debilitates are developed from treated steel for insurance from erosion and better strength.

Legamax Premium Fumes – A redesigned adaptation of the Legamax Fumes, further expanding power band and pinnacle yield. Most HKS Legamax Premium Fumes highlights titanium suppressor tips. If it’s not too much trouble read the Legamax Fumes area for subtleties.

Game Fumes – Like Legamax Fumes in structure yet for various applications, if it’s not too much trouble read the Legamax Fumes area for subtleties.

Quiet Hello there Force Fumes – HKS Quiet Hey Force Fumes is a changed form of the customary Greetings Force Fumes. Changes to the suppressor and resonator take into account least lessening in exhaust stream yet an a lot calmer fumes tone. Ideal for fans looking for power gain however just needing slight increment in exhaust clamor over the production line framework.

ES Wagon Fumes – ES Wagon Fumes is plan for sport wagons. Highlighting an upscale plan yet being able to expand power yield and make a moderate fumes tone.

Legitimate Fumes – HKS Lawful Fumes is intended to meet, both discharge and commotion assessment rules, subsequently being superbly street lawful. Every framework is intended to upgraded the force yield and highlights a sportier fumes tone yet remaining under as far as possible, ideal for tuners that need to remain street lawful.

Prevalent Spec R Fumes – HKS Predominant Spec R Fumes is the leader exhaust arrangement of HKS. Plan with broad Research and development and highlighting the bests of the HKS advancements. Every framework includes full titanium exhaust, which is both lightweight and amazingly solid. Enormous measurement funneling and streamlined fumes way consider diminished back weight, top execution, and forceful fumes tone. Double layer titanium warns give that novel JDM appearance, while utilitarian cuts help smother the noise.Expect extreme execution, forceful fumes sound, and improved appearance from the HKS Predominant Spec R Fumes.

All inclusive Suppressors – HKS general suppressors are accessible in various sizes for your custom fumes. Every suppressor highlights higher stream rate and sportier fumes tone. HKS Widespread Hello Force Suppressor are developed utilizing treated steel while the All inclusive Greetings Force Ti Suppressor highlights titanium tips, both are impervious to consumption and truly solid. HKS All inclusive Carbon Ti Suppressor highlight a carbon fiber suppressor body and a Titanium Tip, while the HKS All inclusive Titanium Suppressor is built utilizing titanium, both are lightweight, solid, and can build execution.

Downpipe/Up-Funnel – HKS structure their downpipe and up-pipe with bigger channeling for expanded stream, mandrel scratches takes into account increment exhaust speed and smoother exhaust stream. Certain application will disposes of the stock exhaust system which drastically diminishes exhaust back weight. Hardened steel development takes into account high sturdiness. All HKS Downpipe and Up-pipe are immediate jolt on. Expect an a lot snappier turbo spool, higher lift pressure, decline turbo slack, and higher force yield.

Fumes Extras and Parts – HKS likewise offers other fumes embellishments and parts, for example, the removable inward suppressor silencer which offers a normal of 7 dB in exhaust clamor decrease. Guard Defender and Unrivaled Finishers can be introduced over the fumes tip on the back guard for included security and style improvement.


The most key approach to build motor yield is to expand the measure of air going in, and out of a motor. While vehicle producers structure their admission framework with cost, position, least commotion, and simplicity of channel change as a main priority as a need, execution turns into a substandard thought.

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